At this stage, we are looking for cashback in our system.

It can be found if:

1. The order is stuck on our partners’ side. We can see that it was successfully recorded in our system, but our partners data has not yet been transferred to us. If that's the case, you just have to wait a little while for the Cashback to appear in your account.

2. The order is in our system but displayed in another user’s account. This can happen if you have another account, and the purchase was made redirecting from that account. This can also happen if you made a purchase at work, for example, where your colleague not only has the same IP and Internet network, but is also registered at Igloo. As a result of some technical magic, the order appeared in his profile, not yours. In this case, just submit an application with an enclosed screenshot that confirms that it was you who made the purchase, and we will attach the order to your account.

3. You made an order, but the reward is given to another platform. This can happen if:

  • outside promo codes were used
  • there were other extensions enabled in the browser (except ours),
  • you were switching between tabs while placing an order
  • purchase was made for longer than 1 hour after redirecting to the store.

In this case, a special affiliate link, that is created to redirect you to the shop, is replaced with someone else's. Sadly, we can hardly do anything about this--but, for a number of stores, we can try to apply and challenge the decision. In the case of an affirmative decision, we will be more than happy to credit the Cashback to you.

It takes up to 3 days to find lost Cashback. We will inform you about the decision in the application form in your user account.