After a purchase is made with Cashback, your Cashback appears in your Igloo account with "Pending" status.

This status is used during the period of time the shop needs to confirm your order and to send commission to us. Please note that Cashback is not credited for cancelled and returned orders, which is why the Cashback confirmation period can be very long in some cases. After your purchase has been confirmed, your Cashback is added to your account balance.

The Cashback confirmation period differs for each shop. You can find it on each shop's page. Keep in mind this is an approximate date for when your Cashback should be credited to your account balance.

Also please note that in the case of travel services, your Cashback confirmation period starts from the date of departure from the hotel or from the end date of rendering the service. E.g., if you have booked a hotel on for the period from September 1 till September 15, the cashback waiting time starts on September 15. Since average cashback confirmation time for is 90 days the approximate cashback confirmation date will be December 15.

If you have not received any cashback after the approximate confirmation date had passed, please contact