You can switch off all third-party extensions under the special section of your web browser settings. Just go to settings or use one of the links below:

Google Chrome: chrome://extensions/

Or go to Side menu → Settings → Extensions


Mozilla Firefox: about:addons

Or go to Side menu → Add-ons


Opera*: opera://extensions

Or go to Opera menu → Extensions


* Be mindful that Opera has a built in ad blocker. It should be switched off--in addition to third party extensions--so that you can make purchases with Cashback. *

How third party extensions can affect your cashback

When you go from Igloo's website to an online shop or activate Cashback through our extension, you are using our "special" link. This link helps our partner shop to track orders made with via our service.

Some third party extensions can prevent our "special" links from working and stop your Cashback from being registered by a partner shop. This is why we recommend that you turn off any third party extensions.