Creating an Igloo with your child can be an exciting and meaningful project that can teach social responsibility, encourage empathy from a young age, and get children excited to "do good."

Choose a cause

If your child isn’t sure what they want to raise money for, browse through our existing Igloos.

Get started

Use your email address and name, or your child’s email address and name (this is up to you) to start your Igloo.

Pick a goal

Start small: $100 is good for a child’s fundraising goal. Remember how much $100 seemed when you were younger?

Choose a title

Include your child’s name in the title so they really feel like the Igloo is theirs. Writing a great fundraiser title can make a huge difference, so it's important to pick the right one!

Pick a great image

If you’re comfortable doing so, use an image with your child in it! 

Supporters may be more inclined to donate when they see a photo of a child they know looking excited about their charitable cause! Plus, establishing a personal connection when fundraising is important.

Write an engaging story

Write the story with your child, from their perspective. 

Share your Igloo

There are many ways to begin sharing your fundraiser - start by posting on Facebook from the perspective of you or your child. 

You can also add relatives as email contacts (and ask them to share for you), and use your phone to share by texting the link to your family in a group message. Ask your child’s teacher if they can share the link through the class email list.

You can even help your child start a bake sale or lemonade stand to supplement the funds they raise online!

Teaching children the value of altruism through charitable fundraising has never been easier.