A great Igloo description will outline your cause clearly, in a way that is engaging to read and speaks from the heart. First, check out these well-written fundraiser stories:

For a complete story that covers everything your potential supporters will want to know, we recommend following the steps below on how to write an Igloo story. 

Break it up

Short paragraphs work wonders when trying to make a story easy to read and understand. If you’re not sure where to break up your story, consider pressing 'enter' twice after every four or five sentences.

  • Introduce who or what you’re raising money for. If it’s for someone else, how do you know the person?  This is where you want to make a personal connection with your donors.
  • An explanation of your cause and why they should support it.
  • How the money will be spent. We recommend getting specific and sharing the costs associated with your goal. Donors appreciate being in the loop about where their funds are going.
  • Why this cause means so much to you.
  • Share your gratitude and appreciation for any potential support.
  • Let the reader know how to share your Igloo. For example: “To help get the word out, you can share the link to your Facebook Timeline!”

Add bold or underlined headlines

Your fundraiser's description length can influence donations and it's important to format your story effectively. To do that, highlight the words you want bolded or underlined. Consider headlines like “The Backstory” or “The Costs” or “How You Can Help” etc. Then, press the ‘control’ key and 'b' at the same time for bold letters, or the ‘control’ key and 'u' at the same time for underlined letters.

Add photos throughout your story

Adding the right images to your story always makes a fundraiser look excellent and keeps people engaged.

Use italics in your story

We often see italics used if an organizer quotes someone, or would like part of the text to stand out from the rest of the non-italicized text. To do that, highlight the words you want to be italicized.

Check your spelling

Copy and paste your story into a free online spell check to make sure there aren’t any typos. Typos look unprofessional and give people an easy reason to not support you or your cause.