It's disappointing, but sometimes Cashback is not automatically recorded. This usually happens for 5 reasons:

1. The main rules of shopping with Cashback weren’t observed (there was no redirect from us / activation of cashback through our extension, other extensions in the browser were enabled, except ours)

2. The special conditions of a store for receiving Cashback were violated.

3. An error occurred while transferring data on the side of the store or a technical issue on the site during making a purchase. During the 'sale' period, a large number of orders are processed simultaneously and such an issue is more likely to occur.

4. The "special" tracking link didn't work. Our "special" link informs our partner shops that the your order was placed using Igloo, and a third-party browser extension or any similar application on a mobile device can cause it to malfunction. 

5. During the purchase, there was a click on some kind of advertisement, banner on the site.

Unfortunately, shops do not accept requests for lost Cashback and therefore we can't find out the exact reason why your Cashback has been lost.

In this situation, we understand your plight like no one else. When you don't get Cashback, we don't receive any commission from our partner.

That's why, in an effort to make you feel a little better, Igloo will credit you the maximum available bonus from our funds to reimburse you for your loss.

We don't want you to lose Cashback, so here are some tips that will help you in the future:

  1. Please inform yourself about the shop's Terms and Conditions before making an order, and observe all addition rules of the store to receive Cashback.
  2. Please add the products to your shopping cart only after jumping to the shop's website from Igloo. 
  3. After being redirected from our site, do not open other tabs in your browser.
  4. Please remember that Igloo's special tracking link remains active only 1 hour after you have reached the shop's website. Therefore, you should make your order within this period.
  5. Please deactivate any and all third-party browser extensions (except for Igloo) before shopping online with Cashback.

Even though stores do not accept requests, we can try to help you in any situation of lost Cashback. For this reason, you definitely should submit a request to us at if your Cashback has been lost.

Also, if you do not yet have our browser extension or mobile application, we recommend installing it.

With them, you will lose Cashback much less frequently, plus it makes online shopping more convenient.

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